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Want to rent an apartment for a day in Minsk?

We are glad to welcome you our website. The core business of our company is short term rent of apartments in Minsk!
Taking advantage of our electronic database, you can book in advance and rent an apartment in Minsk for any short period of time - from several hours to weeks, choosing the most convenient area and the optimum number of rooms.

Features of daily rent

Stay in a hotel or rent an apartment for a day? Minsk today offers a variety of options for your abode. But though there are many famous hotels, people on business in Minsk as well as tourists traveling with company or family increasingly believe that rented apartment for a day in Minsk is more convenient and cheaper than hotel rooms.
So why an apartment for a day is more attractive? First, to rent an apartment for a day benefits financially. With the same comfort level apartment for a day in Minsk is significantly lower than apartments in a decent hotel. In addition number of guests settled in standard hotel room will be strictly limited, and renting a flat for a day, you can be sure that its value does not change from how you are planning to live - alone or with family.
Location also plays an important role - we are always ready to pick the best option for you and to help you to find an apartment for a day in the area which is most convenient for you, and, of course, your guests will be able to visit you anytime not controlled by strict receptionists.

What we offer

Every apartment for a day in Minsk represented at our site is in excellent condition and fully ready to receive guests. You'll find a kitchen equipped with all necessary household appliances: refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, electric kettle, etc. There are also fresh linen, bath accessories, as well as sugar, tea and coffee, always available. Change of linen and cleaning is carried out within a predetermined time, which is convenient for guests.
If you need an apartment for a day, where is also a telephone and internet access in addition to compulsory satellite television, we will offer such options.
If you rent an apartment in Minsk for a day via our company, we are further willing to meet you at the train station or airport, as well as arrange for an interpreter and to help register at the Department of Visas and Registrations.
There is not always a need to rent an apartment for a day in Minsk, sometimes it’s enough to stay for a night or to rest just for a few hours. In such situations, we can offer you the option of hiring hourly apartments. such situations, we can offer you the option of hiring hourly apartments.

How to rent an apartment in Minsk for a short time?

In our database you will find detailed description of the proposed apartments for a day, as well as photos of the interior. The apartment can be booked by filling out the order form at our website or by calling:
8-044-778-54-41 (Velcom)
8-029-778-54-41 (MTS)
Payment is accepted in cash at the conclusion of the contract for short-term lease, as well as bank transfer or by transfer of non-cash funds to our bank account. In any case, if the apartment is rented for a day or for a longer period, we are ready to give you a full package of documents required for financial reporting.
We are not intermediaries, providing a meeting of owners and tenants, we offer apartments for a day on the Rights of trust management, self-organize your accommodation and we are responsible for the claimed condition presented apartments.
Renting an apartment in Minsk for a day via our website, you can be sure of high quality service, no problems and expediting the resolution of any issues.